Should the Brewers Panic?

The Brewers came out on top of the NL Central at the All Star Break. After the break however, they have started to become the Brewers of 2012-2016. they have won 2 of their last 4 and are coming off of back to back losses. Not only that, but the Brewers have also dropped their division lead from 5.5 games to 3.5 games. In their last two wins they didn't have the lead first, but won. On the contrast, in their last two losses, they led the game and then blew the lead; one from a grand slam, and the other from an RBI double. This is due to (like I said in a previous blog) not getting insurance runs to secure the lead. And even if they could secure the lead, the starting pitchers can't seem to get any outs. Therefore, this will force frequent pitching changes. Even in yesterday's game as the Brew Crew was down by one, they could've easily scored a run or two to help themselves, as well as have their closers help the team get the final outs, (if they secured the lead).

Their rival, the Chicago Cubs have been looking like the Cubs from the 2016 championship season, winning 4 straight since the All Star Break. With the help from their newest pitcher Jose Quintana, the Cubbies have gone two games above .500 and are willing to challenge the Brewers for another NL Central crown. 16 of the Brewers' next 23 games are on the road. If they are going to take advantage of their lead in the division they must reverse what they have been doing. One thing they must do is to SCORE INSURANCE RUNS! Seriously though, if a team had a one or two run lead (like the Brewers), they would need to get on base and score frequently to lower their chances of losing the game. They also need to get off the field early. A pitcher and catcher must always go over the signs and pitches before a game. They must also not give up too many errors and always tell the infield what is going on.

I know I gave reasons to why the Brewers would win their second NL Central title, but just recently they haven't been feeling like a postseason team. If they keep on losing, the Cubs may be able to squeeze in a small lead in the division. If the Brewers do want to be in the NL Central race, there are just three (or four) things that they must do.

Recipe for a Postseason trip:

1. Score as many runs as you can.

2. Close out games (a.k.a. insurance runs)

3. Win games and extend record

4. Bake in the oven for 67 games (or 603 innings) until a division title is won and team is postseason ready

5 While baking, prepare for possible Postseason opponents ( Nationals, Dodgers, etc.)

6. After out of the oven, sell out Miller Park for all Postseason games.

7. Win the NLDS

8. Win the Pennant

9. Win 2017 World Series

10. Be the Cinderella Story of Baseball

So should the Brewers panic? Not necessarily. If they can at least score insurance runs and secure their leads and get up on the Cubs in the division while also improving their pitching, they should be fine and get a good amount of wins, enough to punch their 2017 Postseason ticket.

Martin Howe3 Comments