The Tribe Has Spoken

The defending AL Pennant winners have had a rollercoaster ride through the 2017 season. Their arch rivals Kansas City Royals and Minnesota Twins have taken the division lead multiple times. Kansas City is in the 5 seed in the AL, while the Twins have fallen to 5 games back in the Wild Card race. While one rival's streak ended on a "safe" play at the plate (that should've been challenged and overturned to "out" because the catcher tagged him by the crotch), another team's streak continues to roll on; the Cleveland Indians. Since coming back from the All Star break, the Indians have won 11 of their last 16, improving their record to 57-46 and 2 games ahead in the Central.

But if the Tribe is going to keep their division, they must go through tough series coming up in August with the Yankees, Red Sox, Rockies, and Rays.

The Indians are a definite team in the AL pennant race, but one team could crush their dreams and burn out their fire in the Postseason.

Martin HoweComment