Irving to Celtics, Thomas to Cavs

A lot has happened between the three-peat Eastern Conference Champions Cleveland Cavaliers and top seed Boston Celtics. After Cleveland beat Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals this past season 4-1 and after they themselves got beat by the Golden Warriors 4-1 in the NBA Finals, tensions have been swarming around the Cavaliers organization as to if both LeBron James and Kyrie Irving would stay in Cleveland.

Since the start of the NBA offseason, unlike James, Kyrie Irving has been wanting to get out of Cleveland. With some possible destinations for him land in like Charlotte and New York, this has been the one of the biggest talked about stories around the NBA.

The search process for Irving has been long, until now. The Boston Celtics have now agreed to take Irving, but it came with a hefty a price tag. This comes after Cleveland's end of the deal was to get the Celtics' star point guard Isaiah Thomas in exchange for Thomas. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Weeks before this megatrade between the two Eastern powerhouses, the NBA schedule was released. And it just so happens that Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas will play each other in the first game of the season; in Irving's old home!

It will be a dogfight between not only for the Celtics and Cavaliers, but for Irving and Thomas to show each other who will get the better end of the trade and the last laugh.

two teams, two stars, one game, one megatrade. 

Martin HoweComment