MLB Home Run Derby Preview

Last year in San Diego, The winner of the 2016 Home Run Derby Giancarlo Stanton, faced some of the best home run hitters in the league. The Marlins right fielder entered the derby as a 5 seed, but completely dominated the competition. He first beat the four seed Robinson Cano of the Mariners 24-7 and then upset the number one seed of the Orioles' first baseman Mark Trumbo in the Semifinals 17-14. Finally, Stanton faced Chicago White Sox third baseman Todd Frazier and the Miami monster won the 2016 Home Run Derby by defeating the defending champion 20-13.


This year even if we don't get to hear the voice of ESPN's Chris Berman come "back, back, back", the defending champ Giancarlo Stanton will return to the Home Run Derby in his team's hometown of Miami, Florida. Stanton will be competing against some of this year's best dingers; including Colordo'sCharlie Blackmon, his own teammate Justin Bour, the Dodgers' rookie Cody Bellinger, and the New York Yankees own "judge" at law, second year outfielder Aaron Judge. Although this is Judge's first Home Run Derby, he has been the king of home runs this season with 27 homers; 4 less than his career total of 31. I would not be surprised if the final round of this year's derby comes down to the "judge" and the champ, and a tight at that.


This year's Home Run Derby will be in Miami Florida on July 10 on ESPN at Marlins Park. Will the "judge" dethrone Stanton in his home stadium? Or will Giancarlo Stanton go all the way and overrule the "judge"? (even if they don't get to the finals.) We'll just have to wait and see how well Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge do at this year's Home Run Derby and if we will have a new champion. 

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