AL Central Race Predictions

Both Central divisions in baseball AL and NL, are very weak. Each champion can vary every year. But the AL Central is the weaker of the two. The Tigers won back to back division championships in 2013-2014. The Royals grabbed their first title in 2015 and winning it all since 1985, The Indians are he reigning champs and they were inches away from their first World Series since 1948, while the Twins and White Sox haven't won a division title in more than 5 years. But this year, the AL Central may have a closer race than most think.

Cleveland Indians

Even though they might be the clear favorite to win the division, the Indians have won 6 of their last ten with a 45-39 record; the worst record by a current division leader in the entire league. As for other records in the division, they have a one game advantage in front of Kansas City, and Minnesota is half a game from second place. In six of their last 10, Cleveland has been able to score first, but they have been having trouble against divisional opponents; also losing 6 of their last divisional games. If the Indians keep this up, the defending AL champions will have a tough road just to get a division title.

Kansas City Royals

Like the 2014 AL Wild Card game against Oakland, Kansas City may be this year's Cinderella story in the American League. At the beginning of the season, they started in the division at the bottom of the division in fourth and even last place. Since then, in the months of late June and July, the Royals have won 7 of their last 10 and in that span, they were a half a game within the division and even got the second Wild Card spot ahead of Minnesota; who is a half a game behind them in the division and AL Wild Card. If Kansas City is going to shock the world, Mike Moustakasand the Royals must have a comfortable lead in the division going into the All Star break in order to have a breakthrough in the second half of the season to win the AL Central.

Minnesota Twins

At the beginning of the season, the Twins seemed like they could win the division easily. But things have gone downhill for Minnesota winning only 10 of their last twenty one and 5 of their last 10 with a 44-41 record and 1.5 games behind in the division. The Twins have not won an AL Central pennant since 2010. Is this the perfect time for Minnesota to Panic? Yes. If the Twins don't get in the race anytime soon, then the Twin Cities and their team will fall apart.

If I had to choose a team to win the AL Central as of now it would have to be Kansas City. They are on a roll right now and are poised to beat Cleveland in the fight for first place. As long as they don't do anything stupid like the Twins, they will have a clear path on the road to October.


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