Brewers Postseason Hopes Alive

My Postseason calendar says we have just 1 month until the Postseason! Exciting, right? Well for the 6 teams in the AL 3 games or less behind the second Wild Card spot, it will be a fight to the finish with Minnesota 1.5 games up on the Angels.

But now let's shift from the AL, to the NL. Now for the most of you who've been following Major League Baseball over the past few months can project that the first NLDS matchup will be against the Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs, making the Cubs back to back NL Central champs and no Postseason trip for the Brewers.

Or so you guys thought...

Alright so maybe the Brewers won't exactly win the division, but as I said before in the last blog that who ever wins the 3 game stretch in Chicago and the 4 game stretch in Milwaukee (either Cubs or Brewers), will go to the NLDS. Mark my words.

And if that doesn't happen, here is Plan B. The Brewers could go into Chase Field in Arizona to play the Diamondbacks via the second NL Wild Card and go to the NLDS with a win. If such plan happens they will go to LA to face the Dodgers in which they had won the 3 game series in LA 2 out of 3. And if some more magical awesomeness happens, they once again face the red hot Cubbies in a 7 game (and I actually mean a 7 GAME) NLCS for the right to go to the World Series and a chance to win the NL Pennant.

Hands up if you think that this is too complicated. I thought so.

So now that I explained that lecture length NL Postseason Picture, here is a simplified version of the NL Central standings as well as the NL Wild Card


NL Central

CHC: 75-60        GB:


MIL: 71-64            4


STL:  68-67          7


PIT:  63-72            12


CIN:  58-77            17



NL Wild Card:

ARI:  77-58     +4.5

COL:  72-62       -

MIL:  71-64         1.5


See how easy that was? Anyways, here are some scenarios for Milwaukee to get them to the Wild Card.


As of 9/2/17:

COL Loss + MIL Win= .5 GB

COL Win + MIL Loss = 2.5 GB

COL Loss + MIL Win + MIL Win = tie

COL Loss + MIL Win + MIL Win + MIL Win = WC #2

As for the division, they just need to win 5 of the 7 games in both Cubs series combined.

With only 4 games until the first Chicago Cubs series, a win, loss, and another team's loss will make a big difference if the Brewers will make the NLDS via a division title, NL Wild Card, or if they even make the Postseason at all.

Milwaukee is in the Postseason IF...

they keep winning, keep it up with the great pitching/rotation (Nelson, Swarzak, Hader etc.), and make the Wild Card/NLDS.

For all you Cubs fans out there, the Brewers will win the NL Central whether you like it or not.

Or if not, at least the Postseason.                                      




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