Jake Arrieta's Injury

Are ya ready kids? Aye aye Captain. I can't hear you? AYE AYE CAPTAIN! Ohhhh....

Who lives in a windy city under the sea? (Chicago Cubbies!). 108 years don't bother me! (Chicago Cubbies!). If NL Pennants be something you wish. (Chicago Cubbies!). Then pick up your feet and get to the dish! (Chicago Cubbies! ready?). Chicago Cubbies, Chicago Cubbies, Chicago Cubbies, CHI-CA-GO Cubbies!


Alright that's enough, let's get to business.

Well it just so happens that the Chicago Cubs pulled a hammie (well, at least their pitcher Jake Arrieta did). In Monday's murdering that the Pirates won unanimously 12-0, the Cubbies' best pitcher pulled his hamstring in the third. Let's just say that after that happened, the Cubs quickly called every AAA pitcher from everywhere to take the mound. And, they sucked.

As for the NL Central, it's the exact same as the Brewers are 3.5 behind Chicago, with the Cardinals a game behind them. Even though the Cubs have other elite pitchers in John Lackey, Jon Lester, Jose Quintana, and Mike Montgomery, this is a tough loss for the Cubbies as Arrieta has the lowest ERA out of all of them.

After their final two games in Pittsburgh, the Cubs will head back home for a three game slot against the Brewers. Arrieta's next scheduled start is the final game of that series.

And oh boy, does this change everything for everyone (except for the Reds) in the NL Central. With two losses by Chicago and a win by Milwaukee to spoil the Reds sweep, going into Chicago Milwaukee could have a deficit of as few as two games.

Now let's just say that the Brewers win the series finale against Cincinnati and win the Cubs series, given that Chicago loses its finally two Pirates games. Cubs fans, you now have a 1 game deficit in the division going into mid-September.

You know what just came into my mind? Jake Arrieta's hamstring injury is the equivalent of Steve Bartman catching the foul ball in the 2003 NLCS: CURSE, CURSE, CURSE!!!!!

Now I know that Chicago has other great pitchers, but they will not stand a chance in this weekend's Chicago series versus Ryan Braun's home run hitting Brewers. There is no clear winner in the NL Central right now because the two best teams have lost their latest series.

The only way we find out who is the best in the NL Central is test who is the better pitcher and hitters. Cubs or Brewers?

And now that it's coming up let me tell you who wins the series.

MIL wins 3-0.

Yeah you heard me. 3-0 may be a stretch, but like I said, the Cubs pitching won't stand a chance against the Brewers bats.

2017 Milwaukee Brewers: NLDS Bound.



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